My account

Why do I have to create an account?

Creating an account allows us to save your projects so that you can work on them later or so that you can print additional copies at any other time.

What if I have trouble creating my account?

If you encounter any difficulties in creating your account or if the site is experiencing problems, we would appreciate if you would notify us promptly by emailing info@odela.ca

How long will Odela keep my projects in my account?

We are happy to keep your projects for up to 12 months after your order so you can come back and print additional copies whenever you want. We will take care to notify you before we delete your projects. However, please note that by simply opening your project again, it will be reactivated for another year.

My projects

How do I use the design tool?

Our user-friendly design tool makes it easy for you to complete projects. Hover your cursor over the different tools and menu options: tooltips will appear and guide you throughout your experience. 

You will also find, in most of the products, a PDF tutorial to help you through the steps of creation.

If you have any difficulties in completing your project, we would be happy to assist you. Please do not hesitate to contact us at info@odela.ca specifying your problem.

How do I activate the tooltips again?

You can always reactivate the tooltips by clicking on the help button in the project editor, and then on “ON” and “Start again”.

How do I choose the best theme for my project?

Several themes are available for each of our products, and they act as a starting point for your projects. You can simply fill in the boxes with the photo and words of your choice or follow your inspiration. It is always possible to change the theme and colors to your convenience. Have fun!

How can I share a project?

In the My Projects section, you will find all your projects with the following options: "edit", "copy", "share" and "delete". By selecting "share", you will generate a link that you are able to copy and send by email to another person you would like to share with. The recipient can consult, modify and/or order as they wish. Note that a person who receives a link will not be able to retransmit it again. However, the person who generates the link can forward it to several recipients. The person who shares the project must also inform the recipient of his or her promo code so the recipient can also benefit from it.

My photos

What to do before uploading my photos?

It will be easier for you to select and gather your photos in a single folder and upload them all at once before starting your project. That said, you may always add more photos during the creation process.

What are the accepted file formats?

The accepted image file formats are:

  • JPEG image (*.jpg, *.jpeg)
  • PNG image (*.png)

How do I import my photos?

Several options are available. The project editor will show you how to upload your memories from your computer, Facebook, or other sources.

Will my uploaded photos be stored?

Uploaded photos are kept in the system for as long as they are referenced by a project. To be considered referenced, a photo must be placed in a specific area within the project. Photos that are not referenced are kept for 35 days.

How do I add photos to a project?

The themes and layouts are intended to guide you. At any time, you may change your layout option in the toolbar to another layout. If none of these layouts are suitable, feel free to add a photo box by spotting the square symbol with a +, under the help button, in the upper right corner of the configurator.

How do I evaluate the quality of my photos?

The editor will notify you with an exclamation mark if your photo resolution is too low. You may reduce the size of the photo with the 'Transform' tool until the exclamation mark disappears. However, the preview of your project will allow you to evaluate the acceptability of the rendering and if the result you see on the screen is satisfactory, the print should also be satisfactory. Keep in mind however that a blurred photo at this stage will mean a blurred print.

What to do when the editor indicates that there are empty photo spaces in the project?

The first thing to do is to check the entire project, i.e., all areas and/or pages to find the photo box that is empty. If, after such a check, all the photo boxes appear to be filled, you will have to do a second check to find the empty photo box that might be hidden behind the filled photo boxes.

My orders

How long does it take to process my order?

Please refer to the following table to know the different deadlines for our various products.

How do I cancel or return an order?

We invite you to read our Satisfaction Guarantee and Return Policies.

Odela gift card

Why offer an Odela gift card?

The Odela gift card is a pleasant way to show support to your grieving loved ones. You will give them the opportunity to pay homage to the deceased by creating timeless memorabilia. They will be free to do their projects at the time they see fittest, allowing them to create emotional legacies for themselves and the generations to come.

How do I offer an Odela gift card?

You can easily order an Odela gift card here. You can choose to send it electronically or to print it.

How do I use a gift card I received?

If you have received an Odela gift card by email, you must keep the code written on the card to use it at the Verification and Payment stage.

Can I order a gift to be delivered to a loved one?

It is possible for you to order keepsakes and have them delivered to a third party anywhere in Canada, by specifying a delivery address different from yours.

If I live outside of Canada, can I order?

Even if you live outside of Canada, it is possible for you to order keepsakes and have them delivered to a third party anywhere in Canada, by specifying the exact delivery address, different from your billing address.

Shipping information

Shipping time:

Informations de livraison
Quebec, Ontario
Photo prints: 5-7 business days
Other products: 7-10 business days
Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island
Photo prints: 6-8 business days
Other products: 8-10 business days
Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta
Photo prints: 8-10 business days
Other products: 10-12 business days
British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Newfoundland and Labrador
Photo prints: 9-12 business days
Other products: 11-14 business days
Delivery delays are for information purposes only. Odela cannot be held responsible for shipping delays or delivery problems. Once a package is en route, it is the responsibility of the carrier.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs range between $6.99 and $9.99 for the first item. For oversized or additional items, a $2.99 fee may be added.